Eleonora – 1964 25′ Lyman Sleeper Saved, Launched & on Lake Champlain

Eleonora looked a bit forlorne when he new-owner-to-be and I first climbed onto her, stuffed into a storage shed in Hague, NY. A Lake George (NY) boat, she’d been languishing in that barn for several years when Marselis Parsons and I inspected her, and I quickly concluded that he’d made one of those rare barn finds.
Snake Mountain Boatworks had the honor of bringing her back. There were some rotted planks and many failed fasteners from keel to gunwale, all of which were released and replaced. We removed both bottom and topside paint, faired all surfaces, and repainted her in copper bronze antifouling paint and Interlux two-part Jade Mist Perfection epoxy.
We gutted, cleaned and repainted the bilge, but only after replacing 17 broken, rotted and failed ribs.
Finally, Eleonora is back and swinging from her new mooring in Lake Champlain’s Shelburne Bay.

Enjoy watching her emerge from the SMB shop, be launched and dance across theLake !