Little Chief 18′ 1948 Chris Craft Utility Deluxe – Preserved!

UPDATE: Little Chief wins Best of Show in her class at the 2012 Vermont Antique and Classic Boat Show!

Little Chief is now for sale and seeking a new home. Contact us for pricing and terms. Come by the shop to see her up close and personal

She has not seen water for well over ten years. With her ground up preservation complete, we launched her into the waters of Lake Champlain in Vermont on August 4, 2012, and ROAR she did!

This boat now has a new 3M 5200 bottom. Any rib deamed even slightly compromised was replaced. Every framing, planking and deck fastener was released and replaced with silicon bronze. All wood surfaces were treated with Smith’s Clear Penetrating Epoxy Sealer, and all interior surfaces were painted with multiple coats of Sandusky Mahogany Bilge Paint. Every piece of hardware, all of which is original, was transformed in jewelry by D&S Custom Plating in Holyoke, MA. The original 95 HP Chris Craft Model K engine was completely disassembled and then rebuilt by Restoration and Performance Motorcars of Vermont.

Little Chief has now left the preservation shop and is in the Snake Mountain Boatworks sale inventory. We will be happy to explore with you how she can be yours.

Here is Little Chief on her new Sea Lion trailer and ready to leave the shop:

Watch Little Chief slide back into the water for the first time in over a decade:

Watch Little Chief roaring across Lake Champlain with Little Chief: