1954 Penn Yan Captivator Aristocrat Flipped

We’ve flipped all sorts of boats, big wide ones, long deep ones and now our 1954 Penn Yann Captivator Aristocrat.

Forget the winch. No grunting needed. Her size, narrow beam and cylinder-like cross-sectional shape made flipping her hardly different from rolling a 5-foot diameter pipe.

Now that her bottom is fully exposed, I must say that I was surprised just how little paint is on it. We will know better once we begun stripping, but my guess is a couple of coats of red lead primer followed by about as many of some sort of gray paint.

The garboard-keel seams on port and starboard, while open, appear to be less so that we thought they were while lying on our backs looking up at the hull.

Once we have released both splash rails and masked her topsides, we will reach for the Circa 1850 Heavy Body Paint and Varnish Remover and strip the bottom down to raw wood.

We will surely share what we find and how we will attack the issues we unearth then.